454-7 Tank Level monitor panel with sensor

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The iSeries Tank Systems Monitor provides hassle free tank monitoring for your RV or boat.

The iSeries is patented technology with Level Alert™. It is the ONLY tank monitor tested and approved by the United States Coast Guard. It is NMMA Certified using ABYC® standards.

Other tank probes often become corroded or clogged with materials. This sends false signals to the Panel. Sensors on the iSeries system mount externally and actually read through the tank wall. It is perfect for new projects or for replacing your old tank monitoring system.

Fully Programmable for up to 6 regular and 2 LP tanks that already have the 90 ohm sending units in them (or other resistive sensors like the WEMA float sensors that have the low ohm setting for the low liquid level and the high ohm setting for the high liquid level).
* Can be ordered for up to 8 regular tanks. Older 4 tank with 4 LP sensors also still available.
* Moda sensors mount to the outside of your non-metallic tanks. No false readings by debris and no drilling!
* Custom probes can be ordered for metal tanks and other tanks that are not accessible on the outside. It is the same exterior sensor, just put down into a rod to create a "false" wall. Still no issue with false readings by debris.
* No more babysitting your tanks, the iSeries will monitor them for you. Alarms at High level for Waste or Grey tanks or Low levels for Fresh or fuel tanks. You set the level you want it to alarm you at and how often it will check your tanks.
* Easy Calibration. New software will now calibrate irregular shaped tanks with ease and accuracy. Great for Boats with tanks designed to fit the hull or "Step-out" tanks on RVs or tanks with sloping or V-shaped bottoms.
* Water Pump, Water Heater and Generator switches are available to purchase and add to your panel for convenient access to all your needs.
* View all tank levels and battery voltage with the touch of a button on our easy to read backlit LCD screen.
* Monitors Battery Voltage and can alarm for that as well.
* Panel size is 7" x 4".
* One year warranty coverage on manufacture defects.
* Videos and Live Tech Help for installation.
* The standard kit has exterior moda sensors for 3 non-metallic tanks. Additional Moda Sensor Kits Available.

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