Blue Sea 19 2722 Dual Bus Plus 1/4" STUDS

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  • Combines negative and positive buses on one block
  • Clear polycarbonate cover snaps on to meet Coast Guard and ABYC insulation requirements

Max Voltage: 300v AV  48v DC

Number of Screw terminals: 5 per bus

Number of terminal studs: 2 per bus

Terminal Type: #10 - 32 screw   1/4in stud

ABYC limits the number of wires on a single terminal to 4, which can make it difficult to add more electrical loads like stereos, fish finders and GPS. Install an easy access point to add future electrical appliances by pairing a DualBus Plus and a 6006 m-Series ON/OFF Battery Switch. The m-Series ON/OFF Battery Switch offers a method of disconnecting all loads from the battery for storage or in the event of a fire, while the Dual Circuit Plus™ will offer an insulated and compact termination point for both the positive and negative wires when installing additional appliances.

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