Crackzilla epoxy cartridge 35-110

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Crackzilla was born at our manufacturing facility when we needed to quickly get our concrete floor back to level ground.

With the Crackzilla cartridge we were able to fill cracks and holes in less than half the time it would have taken to mix and pour into the same areas, and with none of the mess.

There are many creative uses for Crackzilla, including using as your laminating epoxy, filling holes or cracks to create a smooth surface and even jewelry design.

  • Recommended for filling or assisting in laminating
  • Designed for use as a filler on various substrates including, wood, metal, glass, stone, etc.
  • Easily flows into cracks due to low viscosity
  • 185 mL size fits in a standard caulk gun
  • Use your extra static-mixer months later, just reseal the tube and prime before the next use
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