F45 Eagle 4.0m Polar White Awning 06472A01R

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There are numerous other models sizes and dimensions available.

New automatic extra-strong awning, with no legs, for motorhomes, provided with Wind Detective System, wind sensor.

In order to grant maximum comfort and complete safety the 12Vcc electric awning can be easily opened by a switch inserted in the wall of the vehicle.

Wind Detective System: the innovative wind sensor system that automatically activates the 12Vcc motor and closes the awning in case of strong wind. It avoids possible damages of the awning. More safety and less worry. The telescopic self-supporting arms are reinforced thanks to the innovative and sturdy duralumin Double Block® that doesn’t require the use of support legs. The angle of inclination of the arms is fixed in advance at 10 degrees, but can be changed according to the height of motorhome from 5 to 17 degrees, enabling the correct flow of the water. The F45 Eagle is provided with the tested external 12 Vcc motor kit with the useful wall control for an easy opening-closing or stop in the required position.

Motor kit also allows manual closing in case of emergency. It can be always operated with safety. The arms are preset for the passage of the electric cables for optional LED kits. F45 Eagle is provided with sturdy all length aluminium brackets, screws with spacers and internal counterbrackets that grant a safe and solid installation on the vehicle.

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