Handy Epoxy Kit small 30-flagsmall

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small epoxy kit.


8 ounces of FLAG Resin

4 ounces of Medium Hardener

4 mixing cups

10 mixing sticks

8 gloves

8 ounces of wood flour

F.L.A.G. Resin is a "medium" body resin specifically designed to perform as an adhesive and structural laminating foundation. The medium viscosity allows for the incorporation of fillers when fairing putties, gluing slurries and filleting systems are required.

F.L.A.G. is more reactive than our Low Viscosity Resin when mixed with Medium Hardener. This keeps fillets and fairing from slumping.

F.L.A.G. Resin is next day sandable when cured at 60 degrees F. and higher with Medium Hardener.

F.L.A.G. Resin may be used with all MAS Hardeners, however, for filled applications we recommend the Medium Hardener.

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