slow epoxy hardener

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MAS Epoxies Slow Hardener is a phenol-free resin hardener that provides high reactivity and extended gel time allowing for controlled and extended application periods.


  • Optimized for composite wet lay-up, hardware and secondary bonding, moisture-exclusive coating and surface fairing
  • Cures blush-free and eliminates the need for time-consuming wash downs during ongoing laminations and repetitive coat builds
  • Good UV stability
  • Excellent osmotic resistance
  • Cures under high temperature and humidity conditions
  • Ideal for fast wet-out of reinforcing fabrics
  • MAS Fast Hardener may be added to MAS Slow Hardener to accelerate / adjust curing times

Handling characteristics:

  • Mix ratio: (2) parts resin : (1) part hardener
  • 30 minute pot life
  • 4 hour Working Time at 70° F
  • Cure time: 2-7 days
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