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The P-2BS-R PropaneFume Detector is an effective means to monitor propane fumes in a compartment or leaking fuel systems. In addition, these units have the ability to control the flow of CNG/LPG to your appliances.

The system uses a sensor, located in a place of interest, and a central display unit that notifies you of the state of the system

Detect propane leaks early and automatically shut off gas supply with the Solenoid to prevent personal injury and possible explosion.

A 68 dB alarm sounds when a fume buildup of 20% of the Lower Explosive Limit is detected.

Package Includes: 1x Detector display unit - P2BS-S01-D. 2x Plastic Fuel Sensor - FS-T01-S. 2x Extension Cable - FS-X01. Solenoid valve.

Owners manual and Installation

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