Jabsco Manual Toilet 29120-5000


Jabsco Manual Toilet 29120-5000

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Jabsco 29120-5000 Manual Twist n’ Lock’ Toilet Regular Bowl (new)

  • Twist ‘n’ lock action safety handle guards against flooding and waste backflow by locking the waste outlet valve shut
  • Reversible pump mounting allows re-assembling for left hand operation by installer
  • Powerful self-priming, double-acting piston pump
  • Strong swirl action for efficient flushing
  • Crevice free contours and skirted base for added cleanless and hygiene
  • Contoured handle and conveniently positioned flush control lever for ease of use
  • Angled pump housing and long stroke for easier pumping
  • Spring assisted top valve closure for easier priming
  • Automatic vacuum breaker operated by flush control lever for easier bowl emptying
  • Constant 38 mm (1 ½”) bore waste path minimizes blockages
  • Aortic joker valve combines full 38 mm (1 ½”) bore with automatic backflow prevention
  • Multi-angle discharge elbow for ease of installation (turnable 360°)
  • Fastenings face front or top for superbly simple servicing without need for special tools
  • Renewable external seal housing for quick, clean replacement of seal and piston rod guide
  • Positively located gaskets ensure correct re-assembly
  • Dual function base plug combines winter drain point with easy cleaning access
  • Hygienic, pure white vitreous china bowl in comfortable household size – attractive and easy to clean
  • Baked enamel seat & cover
  • Connections: 38mm (1-1/2″) discharge outlet, 19mm (3/4″) inlet
  • Dimensions: Height 34,5cm / width 46,5cm / depth 49,0cm (lid closed)
  • Alternate to Jabsco 29120-3000



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