Efoy Pro 2400 fuel cell battery charger


Efoy Pro 2400 fuel cell battery charger


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The EFOY Pro fuel cells recharge the consumer batteries fully automatically and continuously monitor their charge status. Depending on requirements, the fuel cell switches on fully automatically, charges the battery again and then goes back to standby – maintenance-free and without user intervention.

The EFOY Pro 2400 delivers 110 W of power and is also available as a duo version with two tank connections for two fuel cartridges. With the DuoCartSwitch , up to four fuel cartridges can even be connected to an EFOY Pro 2400 Duo for even more self-sufficiency. Typical areas of application for the EFOY Pro 2400 are the operation of mobile and off-grid monitoring systems as well as ensuring an on-board power supply in vehicles.
EFOY Pro 2400 2400 duo
Output power 110 W
Output power after (operating hours)1 80 W (4,500 h)
nominal voltage 12 V DC / 24 V DC
Charging current 9.17 A / 4.58 A
Charging current according to (operating hours) 6.67 A / 3.33 A (4,500 h)


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