Go Power Flexible Solar Panels


Go Power Flexible Solar Panels

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The Go Power FLEX Solar Flex Module provides power in a high-efficiency, monocrystalline thin film solar panel that provides outstanding performance and cost-effective solar power for high-end off-grid and mobile applications.

Unlike other “thin” products, Solar Flex uses high-efficiency monocrystalline cells that produce more power per square foot than any other flat panel on the market.

An impermeable lamination coats the entire module, allowing it to contour and flex against curved areas, eliminating any need for custom mounts. The flat, lightweight module is less than 1/8 inch thick and provides an extremely durable surface.

The panel can be affixed by adhesive or screw mounting options and grommets are an added bonus for ease-of-installation. The thin, lightweight module can also be sewn into canvas, making it a truly versatile solar module.


High-efficiency, back-contact solar cells
Penetrating or adhesive mounting option
Curves up to 30 degrees
Durable surface is less than 1/8 in (3 mm) thick
Industry standard quick-connect cables (MC4) work in series or in parallel
Marine grade material
Up to 82% lighter than other solar modules
Solar output power limited warranty of 5 years

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