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ROKK Mini Adjustable Body:


A choice of base mounts to install your devices how you want, where you want

More Than a Mount

Designed, not just made. With features that you’ll feel and hear more than you’ll see

Quick Fit I Quick Release

Install your devices instantly onboard. With one reassuring click your tech is both secured and released

Solid Install

A metal-on- metal locking system multiplies your clamping efforts to achieve 100% locking force. Your electronics will never move, until you want them to.

Typical Mount System:

Step 1- ROKK Mini Adjustable Mount Body (Sold Separately)

Step 2 - Choose the top plate base for what you want to mount. (Sold Separately)

Top Plates:
RL- 508 Rokk Universal Tablet Clamp
RL- 509 Rokk Universal Phone Clamp
RL- 512 Rokk Raymarine Dragonfly 4/5 Plate

Step 3 - Choose the base plate based on where you want to mount it. (Sold Separately)

Base plates:
RLS- 401 Rokk Mini Surface Mount
RLS- 402 Rokk Mini Rail Mount
RLS- 405 Rokk Mini Succion Cup Mount

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