Traditional Amber Urethane (Quart Kit) BF-QA

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Comprised of a two-part molecular cross-linking acrylic urethane, Traditional Amber Urethane Wood Finish is designed as a low maintenance alternative to traditional spar varnish. It does not sacrifice appearance for the sake of performance.

Fast and easy to use! Approximately one our wait between coats and no sanding is required between coats. May be applied to bare wood, epoxy saturated wood, conventional varnish or other coatings (oil finishes must be removed before applying). May be brush, rolled or sprayed.

Highest UV resistance possible in a transparent exterior coating. Suitable for fine furniture but durable enough for a gymnasium floor.

Kit includes 1 quart of Traditional Amber Resin (Part A) and a 4oz Catalyst (Part B) ready for mixing and application.

1 quart applying 6 coats will yield 35 square feet of coverage

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