UV Clear Urethane (Quart Kit) BF-QC

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  • Bristol Finish UV Clear Urethane Kit is a high-performance polyurethane varnish replacement
  • Applications: Exterior and interior
  • Highest UV resistance possible in a transparent coating (exterior)
    • 10x more UV resistant than varnish
  • Suitable for fine furniture yet tough enough for gymnasium floors (exterior/interior)
  • Designed as a clear, low maintenance alternative to traditional varnish, that shows the color of your wooden project
  • Recoat less often without sacrificing appearance
  • Spray, roll or brush application with the ability to coat multiple times in a day
  • No sanding required between coats
  • 100x more abrasion resistant than varnish
  • Only about one hour wait between coats
  • Satin additive is available to reduce gloss and sold separately
  • Apply on bare wood or over other coatings
  • Mixing Ratio: 8 parts Urethane Base (Part A) to 1 part Catalyst (Part B)
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