Separett Tiny Composting Toilet

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Separett Tiny Composting Toilet

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The Separett Tiny Composting Toilet is a urine diverting toilet that is especially developed for Tiny Homes and other small spaces such as camper vans, caravans, boats, cabins, etc.
There are two versions of the Tiny, 01270 or 01271. 1270 has a holding tank, that contains the urine in an easy removed holding tank to remove and empty when full. It is a 1.7 liter capacity.
The other 1271 is with a drain for the version of the Tiny that is plumbed to drain into a gray water tank or drain field.
The Separett Tiny 1270 can be installed in both warm and unheated locations, and will work perfectly well irrespective of the room temperature.

Material: Recyclable high gloss polypropylene

Solids container: 14.5 l polypropylene

Liquids container: 7.1 l polypropylene

Voltage/power: 12 V/1.6 W

Energy consumption: 0.04 kWh/day

Connection: 1.55m cable. Adapter 110/230V-12V

Noise level: <30 dB(A)

Max user weight: 150 kg

Seat height: 44 – 45,2 cm

Dimensions: 49.7 cm deep x 39.8 cm wide x 47 cm high

Pipes: Ventilation out Ø 50 mm | Urine out Ø 32 mm


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Tiny Toilet

1270 with tank, 1271 with drain


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