Attwood Tsunami Bilge Pumps T500, T800


Attwood Tsunami Bilge Pumps T500, T800

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Versatile Tsunami pumps feature interchangeable, twist-and-lock cartridges that reduce maintenance time. All wires are caulked and tinned to prevent water wicking. Rugged glass and mineral-filled polymer construction resists chemicals, fuel and detergents and the compact, low-profile design eases installation in tight spaces. Three-year warranty.

Capacity Amperage Port Dia. Height Width
500gph 1.3A @ 12V DC 3/4″ 3 5/8″ 3 1/8″
800gph 2.5A @ 12V DC 3/4″ 4 3/8″ 3 1/2″
1200gph 3.0A @ 12V DC 1 1/8″ 4 3/8″ 3 3/4″

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Attwood Bilge Pump

T500, T800, T1200


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