Fiamma F80S Polar White, Titanium or Deep Black Roof Mount Awning


Fiamma F80S Polar White, Titanium or Deep Black Roof Mount Awning

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F80s ,the new, modern and compact awning for roof installation
An awning with an extremely small cross-section to integrate it even better in the contour of the vehicle.
Manual crank by default with optional electric motor
The technical solutions which have been implemented mean a more compact awning protrusion. The introduced innovations, like dual prearrangement as standard equipment for LED lighting on the lead bar and on the case, in addition to three guides on the lead bar, make F80s the go-to solution for all roof-mounted installations.

[1] Dual LED Predefined position in lead bar + case: housings for the addition of the optional LED Strip Awning full-length lighting kit (5m adhesive strip) are made inside the case and the lead bar

[2] Compact section: case and lead bar are more compact but as strong as ever. The awning has improved aerodynamic performance as a result of having a 20% slimmer cross-section than F65s model

[3] Triple Guide: three guides on the lead bar (highlighted in red in the detail) for fitting two front panels and other accessories

[4] Secure Lock: the legs can be fixed to the ground or to the wall and the height of the lead bar can be adjusted with a telescopic safe and practical system

[5] Aluminium end caps: new design for the aluminium end caps for maximum strength

[6] Extra-Strong Arms: wider, reinforced and articulated arms with double steel cable for optimal canopy tensioning
Rafter: central tension rafter in aluminium delivered as standard for awnings from 400cm long
Installation brackets: the awning is provided without brackets, simply choose the most suitable one for your vehicle. More than 40 different kits to choose from
Motor Kit: the awning can be fitted with a double version of the Motor Kit, the Motor Kit Compact (with wall control panel) or the “Plus” version (wall control + remote control).

NOTE: You will need the appropriate adapter to attach it to your vehicle

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Fiamma F80S

F80s 290 – Polar White (9'6") – 6'6" extension/55 lbs. 07830A01R, F80s 320 – Polar White (10'6") – 8'2" extension/58 lbs. 07830B01R, F80s 370 – Polar White (12'2") – 8'2" extension/66 lbs. 07830D01R, F80s 400 – Polar White (13'2") – 8'2" extension/71 lbs. 07830E01R, F80s 320 – Titanium (10'6") – 8'2" extension/58 lbs. 07832B01R, F80s 370 -Titanium (12'2") – 8'2" extension/66 lbs.07832D01R, F80s 400 – Titanium (13'2") – 8'2" extension/71 lbs. 07832E01R, F80s 320 – Deep Black (10'6") – 8'2" extension/58 lbs. 07831B01R, F80s 370 – Deep Black (12'2") – 8'2" extension/66 lbs. 07831D01R, F80s 400 – Deep Black (13'2") – 8'2" extension/71 lbs. 07831E01R


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