Refrigerator/Freezer 1.9 cu.ft 12v DC Novakool R1900DC


Novakool1.9 cu.ft Refrigerator R1900DC


large interior volume with a small cut out dimension
large door shelf holds tall bottles
freezer compartment c/w ice cube tray
thermostat controlled for a wide range of settings
magnetic door gasket for a positive seal
removable door panel can easily be replaced to match interior
DC compressor is quiet, vibration free, safe and dependable
pure DC unit minimizes RF noise and Electrolysis
designed to operate at a constant angle of 30 degrees
will fit almost anywhere
high grade stainless steel hinges

Weight: 40lbs
Cutout Dimension: H20 5/8″ x W15 5/8″ x D17 3/4″
Flange Dimension: H21 3/8″ x W16 3/8″
Panel Single Door: H20 3/16″ x W15 1/8″
Flange Depth: 3″


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