Solarmaax 10 Watermaker


Solarmaax 10 Watermaker


The Solarmaax has the highest output, minimum space, highest quality, lowest energy ever to produce 1 Gallon (3.78 Litres) of drinking water.

  • The Aquamaax energy recovery (ER) pumps are so efficient that it only takes the following amounts of energy to produce fresh water.
  • Enhanced Clark Pump with 10% ER – 128 Watts (10 Amps @ 12V) or (5 Amps @ 24V) to make 38 litres (10 Gallons) of fresh water!
  • Production Rate: 8-10 Gallons per hour, 30-38 liter per hour
  • Electrical Power Requirements:
    8.0 – 10.0 amps @ 12.5-14.4 VDC
    4.0 – 5.0 amps @ 25.0 – 28.8 VDC

In a conventional Watermaker system the energy required to pressurize the feed water stream to get it to flow and pass through the membrane is wasted in the form of a pressurized brine (waste) stream. They are also inefficient in that they require significantly more pressurized feed water flow to produce fresh water since only a small percentage of the feed water actually passes through the membrane(s).

• An energy recovery Watermaker system utilizes the pressure exiting the membrane in the form of the pressurized brine (waste) stream and directs that stream to the back side of the piston. By doing so it assists in building the pressure required for the feed water stream to flow and pass through the membrane. As a result, it is able to recover 75% or more of the energy used to pressurize the feed water stream from the previous “cycle”.

• By utilizing the energy of the pressurized water in the waste stream it becomes extremely efficient and requires up to 75% less energy! Also, because of its hydraulic design, it automatically adjusts to changes in water temperature and salinity making it extremely versatile and super easy to live with in various climates and water conditions.

• Our Enhanced Clark Pumps are produced with top quality materials which are machined to the highest tolerances and then meticulously tested, inspected, and assembled. This ensures optimal performance and the reliability and durability that is consistent with all our marine products.


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