Mercedes Sprinter 2500 Conversion


The new project has arrived, and we have a blank canvas for the interior.

After detailed discussions with the customer going over in detail what they want and how they want it, tape is used to lay out where everything will go.

Step 1

Holes were cut for the first of the new windows.. Interior paneling being added and initial forms for cabinets being made. The fridge was installed in order to get accurate measurements for the enclosure.

Step 2

A dry fit of the interior was done to show where everything was situated. Also, the air conditioner is installed along with the rear ventilation fan. A shower is being built and installed in the large space to the right of the refrigerator.

The generator is available for easy access when needed through the side door, designed to be removed from the van easily for use.

Drawers will be installed below the microwave/oven and stove top. Cupboards will be installed in a U shape above the bed towards the rear of the van. Wiring will be installed in protective conduits in behind the cupboards.

Step 3

After many dry fits, all the components are being installed with final installation. Cupboards are all installed and now work is progressing on the shower. Doors are in the process of being built and will be installed soon. Electrical is all installed and needs hookups to components as they are installed. Windows are installed and wall paneling attached.

Step 4

The van is nearing completion.

The shower is installed and ready for final prep work, cupboards are installed, the stove top and sink are in, as is the electrical panel.

Electrical is well underway and wiring will be finished next week.


The van is complete! An extremely functional and good looking Sprinter van conversion!! Give us a call and come in to see if us if you are considering doing a van conversion.

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