Mercedes Sprinter Bluetec 4x4

Episode 1

Working in small spaces is our specialty, designing system to stay off grid we do regularly. Who better to build a custom adventure van than the people already familiar with using every square centimeter of space available.
The van we are showing here is a multi purpose recreational and work van, a limited amount of the comforts built in for recreation will be easily removed so the van will still be used for work and hauling.

Working from a detailed drawing and a computer rendering the van is laid out with masking tape and labels to mark where things will be placed.

Follow our page to see this project through until completion!

Episode 2

After layout is complete and approved, the work begins, running the electrical, plumbing and other systems.
This van will have a 285 watt solar panel on roof, charging the battery bank through a MPPT controller.
A Hot water heating system that also heats the domestic hot water for the pressurized hot and cold water for the shower and kitchen sink.
If you have a van you are considering making into a camper or have an existing motor-home or camper and need work done come in and talk to us about it.

Episode 3

The AC and DC wiring rough in is complete. We have installed the roof ventilation fan. The fan also has an extra light that is incorporated into the trim. A switch for this light is located at the side door.
This will provide light for getting in after dark as it is easily switched from both inside and outside the van.
The air conditioning unit is also mounted, we added a small heat coil in the AC unit to take the chill off when plugged into power.
The rear sliding windows have been located and holes are ready to cut, walls are in progress of being insulated and skinned with thin plywood.

Episode 4

Cutting the openings for the first windows. Once the openings are cut, a frame had to be made on the inside of the wall to allow for the inside panelling. Then the windows were placed in the opening and sealed.

Episode 5

The air conditioning unit is now installed. along with a custom made roof-rack complete with solar panel and bright LED lighting all around. A large storage space is incorporated on the opposite side of the solar panel. A Fiamma F65S awning has also been installed that covers the entrance to the van when extended.

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