Have you experienced the magic that is a marine watermaker? An incredible device that transforms salt water into fresh water, providing you with a nearly unlimited supply of fresh, potable water for cleaning, bathing and even drinking. Amazing technology indeed, but how does it work?

A marine watermaker is a device that converts salt water from the ocean into fresh drinking water. It does this through a process called reverse osmosis, which uses a semi-permeable membrane to filter out salt and other impurities from the water.

The watermaker consists of several main components:

  • A high-pressure pump: This pump pushes the salt water through the membrane at high pressure, which helps to filter out impurities.
  • A reverse osmosis membrane: The membrane is made of a special material that allows water molecules to pass through it, but blocks larger molecules such as salt and contaminants.
  • A collection tank: As the water passes through the membrane, it is collected in a tank where it can be used or stored for later use.
  • A control panel: The control panel allows the user to monitor and control the watermaker, including the water production rate and the quality of the water being produced.

To use the watermaker, the operator connects it to a source of salt water and turns it on. The high-pressure pump pushes the salt water through the membrane, which filters out the salt and other impurities. The resulting fresh water is then collected in the tank and can be used for drinking, cooking, and other purposes.

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Deciding on which type of watermaker is right for you will come down to the type of boating you’re doing, how much water you require, and your budget. Our expert staff is available to assist you with picking the right watermaker system for your needs. Call or email us today for more information.

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