D2 Espar Airtronic Diesel Kit


M2B4L Espar Airtronic heater Kit


The Espar D2 diesel heater is the most popular 2KW heater on the market. Its compact dimensions make it ideal for both internal and external installations. The D2 stays fuel-efficient thanks to its efficient combustion chamber and heat exchanger configuration.

Featuring an internal temperature sensor, the D2 lets you control your camper’s climate with precision. For additional accuracy, you can also configure this Espar diesel heater to use a second external temperature sensor.

The Eberspacher Airtronic D2 12V 2.2KW heater kit is a complete air heating system for your camper. It includes everything, from the air heater and fuel line, to the exhaust muffler and electrical harnesses.

You will also find all the brackets, screws, and clamps necessary for an easy installation. This all-in-one kit lets you get the most from your Airtronic D2.

Finally, the EasyStart Pro controller puts all the controls of this powerful system at your fingertips.


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