Torqeedo Ultralight 1103 AC 915 Wh Trolling Motor for Kayak 1408-00


Torqeedo Ultralight 1103 1408-00


Take your kayak further with the Torqeedo Ultralight 1103 AC Kayak Trolling Motor! This powerful motor is efficient and stealthy, the perfect set up for your fishing kayak. This motor is designed with anglers in mind. It is quiet as not to stir up and frighten your potential catch. Not only is this motor the perfect tool to help you beat the crowd to the best spots, but it is also packed full of useful technology to give you an edge over the rest. The Ultralight 1103 AC is packed with a built-in GPS, real-time range and runtime, and the latest lithium battery.

  • Weight: 15.3 kg complete with battery
  • 3 HP equivalent
  • With 915 Wh high-performance lithium battery
  • Comes including charger, throttle, onboard computer, GPS-based range calculation and emergency magnetic kill switch
  • New angler mount with tilt and park mechanism, plus simple integration with the kayak’s steering unit.
  • Easy to mount on fishing kayaks
  • Range of up to 50 km

Equipment included: Ultralight 1103 AC with battery, charger, remote throttle, on-board computer, GPS-based range calculation and emergency magnetic stop key